Above all Goya

Goya and the Spanish prints of his time

16 October, 2014 - 14 February, 2015

This exhibition has a double purpose: on the one hand, to show the recorded work of Francisco de Goya, not in the traditional way, which is usually chronological and chaining the four great series (Caprichos, Disasters of War, Tauromaquia and Disparates), but in a thematic form: that is, addressing their concerns and complex inner world. On the other hand, we try to put the masterpieces of the Aragonese artist alongside those of his Spanish contemporary, academic recorders such as Salvador Carmona, Camarón, Moles, Fontanals, Muntaner, Selma, Ametller, Esquivel, Barcelón, Esteve, etc.

The differences between them are not only technical but have connotations that go beyond and indicate the disparity of criteria and approaches in the way of addressing such different issues as: portrait and the image of power, war and cruelty , people and superstitions, role of women in the society of their time. Through more than 150 prints, from first editions to later editions, the exhibition let us closer to the work of this precursor of modernity.

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