Between the complaint and humour

Masters of satirical prints

20 May, 2008 - 18 July, 2008

Palau Antiguitats offers, through more than a hundred works, a tour of the world of satirical and comic engraving. The engraving has worked, in different times and countries, as a transmitter of the evils of the society; sometimes making use of humor, others approaching the grotesque, becoming an efficient means of attack of prejudices and moral maxims, both politically and socially.

Through four countries: England, France, Spain and Italy, the exposure includes works of great masters of the genre. Hogarth first, in the eighteenth century and later, Rowlandson, Gillray and Cruikshanck are some of the British engravers. France is represented in the seventeenth century with pieces from Callot, while from the nineteenth are mention of the cartoons of Boilly or Daumier. In Spain the name of Goya shines by its forcefulness and recognized quality but also by its almost absolute isolation. Finally, in Italy they emphasize personalities like Pietro Leone Ghezzi and Carlo Lasinio.

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