Lluís Rigalt i Farriols (1814-1894)


20 October, 2009 - 15 January, 2010

In this exhibition are shown more than sixty drawings by the Catalan painter Lluís Rigalt i Farriols (Barcelona, 1814-1894), considered one of the pioneers of landscaping of 19th century in Spain. Professor of perspective and landscape at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, he got great influence in the career of other later artists such as Josep Tapiró, Antoni Caba, Eliseu Meifrén, Dionís Baixeras, Marià Vayreda, Ramón Martí Alsina, Modest Urgell, among others. The exhibition -with watercolors, pencils, and ink works-, includes mainly landscapes, urban views, rural, interiors and works of marked scenographic character, which situate Rigalt between Academicism and Romanticism.