Black Spain

Prints from Goya to Solana

27 October, 2010 - 21 January, 2011

The exhibition Black Spain. Prints from Goya to Solana is a significant sample of Spanish engraving of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The exhibition includes works by Goya, Alenza, Eugenio Lucas, Fortuny, Zuloaga, Baroja, Benedito, Canals, Francisco Iturrino, Darío de Regoyos and Gutiérrez Solana, among others. The engravings cover a broad theme, but there is a common denominator: Spain. It is a Spain on horseback between tradition and modernity, a Spain that thought itself great and beautiful in its misery, but which awoke from its dream with the Disaster of 1898. Goya was the first engraver who revealed the secrets and the contradictions of the Spanish soul. Then came others; artists who knew how to capture the many different times of silence, and who captured an image of the country that, paradoxically, and after years, is not so different from that of modern Spain…

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