Pau Roig (1879-1955). Prints

And the masters of landscape 17th to 19th century

17 October, 2012 - 18 January, 2013

This exhibition is the largest one dedicated to the engravings of the unjustly forgotten Catalan artist Pau Roig i Cisa. Through some about forty prints, dated between 1923 and 1931, engraved with etching and dry point, from the Normandy area to Maresme (Catalonia central coast). We put in context this pieces with older artists such as Jan van de Velde II, the Sadeler, Herman van Swanevelt, Anthonie Waterloo, Franz Edmund Weirotter, Carl Wilhem Kolbe, the Barbizonians Charles Emile Jacque and Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, or the Spaniard Carlos de Haes and the Catalan Enric Galwey. In short, with about two hundred pieces, a representative sample of the evolution of the landscape genre, from the Netherlands from 16th century to Catalonia of the 20th.

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