The Bull

The animal and the mith; the Fiesta and the satire

18 October, 2017 - 26 January, 2018

The Cabinet of Graphic Arts of Palau Antiguitats presents an exhibition about bull and bullfighting from different perspectives: the satirical, the unofficial, the symbolic, the realistic, etc. From beyond the rapture of Europe, to the modern bullfights, the bull has not stopped generating conflicting opinions, in defense and against. Its symbolic and cultural load points us to the fears and passions of our ancestors, those that consciously or unconsciously still haunt us.

The exhibition shows more than a hundred engravings and drawings by authors such as Francisco de Goya, Antonio Carnicero, Pérez Villaamil, Leon Pharamond Blanchard, Ricard Canals, Segundo Matilla, Mariano Benlliure, Manolo Hugué, Pablo Picasso, Ismael Smith, and Miquel Barceló among others. In addition the exhibition counts on a work done expressly by the artist Setxu Xirau Roig titled Mémoire et gueule de bois.

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