Hogarth, Goya, Bagaria, Nogués

Masters of the satire and cartoon

15 December, 2016 - 31 March, 2017

This exhibition presents a tour through laughter and satire. With near two hundred drawings and engravings of artists from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Starting with the British William Hogarth (1697-1764) or the Spanish Francisco de Goya (1746-1828), which show that satire does not have as much to do with laughter and laughter as with imagination and denunciation. With the evolution of press and journalism caricature followed to be integrated in the pages of newspapers, publications and magazines getting even more repercussion.

Catalonia has been the birthplace of artists of huge talent in the field of caricature, such as Xavier Nogués (1873-1941), who reads directly from Goya in the first third of the century XX, or Lluís Bagaría (1882-1940), who revolutionized the physiognomy caricature with its stylized lines triumphing in Madrid with his anti-war (and also the effects of censorship). Other important artists in this area like: Honoré Daumier, James Gillray, Thomas Rowlandson, may be seen too.

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