Eternal ephemeral

Collection of engravings and drawings from 16th to 19th century

11 March, 2009 - 24 June, 2009

This exhibition presents a look into the world of ephemeral art through engravings, drawings, books and photographs from the 16th to 19th centuries, in Spain, Italy, France and overseas countries. Noteworthy are the series of engravings on the Funeral Honors of Charles V in Brussels (1559), considered the funerary piece with the highest graphic quality of modern times; also the manuscript written and watercolored by the Mexican silversmiths on the occasion of the coronation of Louis I of Spain (1724) deserves special mention. The exhibition includes the Masks on royal occasions, and those celebrated in Barcelona were dedicated to Felipe V (1702), Carlos III (1759), Carlos IV (1802) and Fernando VII (1827). Royal births, bonds and funerals are illustrated with a variety of solutions. Finally, civil proclamations and ephemeral works of art, sometimes erected on religious occasions, deserve to be emphasized.

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