Ramón Martí Alsina (1826-1894)


3 March, 2011 - 24 June, 2011

Ramón Martí Alsina (Barcelona, 1826-1894) was one of the great Catalan artists of the 19th century. Landscapist and maximum exponent of the Realism, its influence was determinant on the trajectory of other painters (Modest Urgell, Joaquim Vayreda, Josep Armet, Ramón Tusquets, etc.). A prolific artist, a passionate man, he graduated from the Barcelona Academy of Arts called Llotja, but soon he broke the academic curriculum and opted for the direct capture of reality. This exhibition -the first monographic dedicated to his drawings- brings together more than a hundred works by the artist. Landscapes, scenery, portraits of illustrious characters, friends, family, studies for compositions, models and even wild beasts are well represented. Among them, they stand out for their undeniable realism and exceptionality the nudes of models, marked eroticism and bordering on pornography, placing the author among the great names of European Realism as the French Courbet.

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